There are many answers to this question, but the most important answer is, “To protect the most important investment you will probably make during your lifetime.”

I once had a manager say to me, “Brandon, I was so vested in a project once that I was asked to step aside and let others lead it, because I was becoming biased due to the fact that this project was my idea and I had invested so much into it. I wanted it to succeed even if it was doomed to fail.”

I know when I bought my first home, I was sold on it no matter what anyone had to say and overlooked some key areas. The moral to this story is this: it is sometimes important to step back a little and let someone else that is unbiased and qualified to take a look to help ensure success.

Home inspectors can be that person for you. Inspectors should follow a standard of practice and inspect your home in an unbiased way, in order to protect your investment. The cost of a home inspection is very low in comparison to what a water leak in the attic could cost you down the road. The inspector will also inspect places that most homeowners do not visit such as a crawlspace or attic.

I have noticed that many home buyers, when attending a home inspection, will go directly inside the home without spending much (if any) time looking at the exterior. Some (if not the most) important systems of a home are on the exterior. BH Home Inspection LLC will first start by walking the roof if safe to do so and then do a full exterior inspection.

It is also important to get involved in the inspection and one way is come prepared with questions or take notes to discuss with the inspector after the inspection has concluded.

Consider BH Home Inspection for your next home purchase or sale. We understand the importance of this transaction and will offer a precise inspection. Discounts are available for Military, Veterans, First Responders and Teachers.